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History 4 Two

A Podcast for Social Justice
Examining History and History in the Making

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My love for oral history began in December of 2020. While preparing for a LACAH mock trial regarding a Nazi propagandist, I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Jurek Rotenberg, a Holocaust survivor, speak about his experiences. Reflecting on our conversation, I realized that what he described was uniquely vivid and personal. Oral history conveys perspectives and emotions that one cannot learn from textbooks. So, I decided to reach out to experts, historians, and tangential participants to deep dive into historical injustices, in hopes of avoiding the same mistakes again.

I am extremely thankful to the interviewees, especially those who have answered the cold calls I made after reading their articles, listening to their online interviews, receiving call-to-action emails from their organizations, and more.


While learning from history is crucial, we cannot afford to forget that we are writing history every single day. So, I wanted History 4 Two to examine not only historical events but also current ones — history in the making if you will. Through this podcast, I hope to be able to extract useful lessons my generation can learn about justice in line with SDG #16. Thank you for joining me on my journey. 



Founder and Host,

Nathan H. Chan


Join me as a podcast guest to share your views or experience

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