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Candle in Hands

Pray for Ukraine!

Candle in Hands

Pray for Ukraine - Anniversary Update

One year into the crisis of Ukraine, the world still does not have a clear path to resolution.  I asked Professor Samuel Richardson of Harvard University, a game theory specialist, how he thinks the war will play out.  Let's continue to pray for an immediate end to this tragedy.

Pray for Ukraine!

The crisis in Ukraine––with the horrifying consequences of lives lost, buildings destroyed, and tens of thousands of civilians having to choose between fleeing their homes for safety and staying to defend their country with untrained hands––is heart-breaking. For anyone who is from Ukraine or who has family and friends there, I share your distress, fear, grief, and rage, and I pray for an immediate end to this tragedy.

For those of you wanting to know more about the Ukraine crisis, the FAQs on the website of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute are very helpful:


Globally, there are many credible organizations soliciting donations to help with this humanitarian crisis. Please consider giving to:


2) International Committee of the Red Cross

3) Moldova for Peace Facebook page

4) Moldova for Peace crowdfunding site

5) Ukrainian refugees in Moldova


For those of you interested in examining and understanding more about war, I highly recommend the free online course, The Paradoxes of War, taught by Professor Miguel A. Centeno, Musgrave Professor of Sociology and Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Princeton University. I am currently taking the course and learning a lot from it. It is available on

Here are additional resources I found very valuable:

Thank you.

Nathan H. Chan

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